Up Your Game /
Bleacher Report

Box Scores and highlights are only a part of today’s game. The whole world around it has exploded to make it more entertaining, from sneakers to controversies to memes. 

Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem. A frenemies saga symbolized by cupcakes. Signature shoe wars. No fun league. Draft day reactions. Karate kicks. The curse. Deflate gate. These are not traditional highlights, but they've all made what happens on the field even more entertaining.

Across sports, cities and series, culture brings more to today's game than ever before and enriches the fan experience.


Now for its first national campaign, Bleacher Report's mission has a unified message: 'Up For Game.' This new platform challenges one-dimensional fandom and demonstrates the brand's necessity, helping fans understand culture to elevate their game.

Along with a complete rebrand, updated site and new mobile app, our launch spot is an introduction to the new Bleacher Report world. And a bold statement announcing, we're here and taking over the game.

The spot features appearances from sport's cultures most headline-grabbing stars past

and present, including legendary Allen Iverson and all-star Marquette King.

As our narrators guide us through this world, each scene is packed full of references to recent sports cultural moments, from controversial hairstyles to emotional tributes.

Debuting on-air during this year's NBA playoffs, the "Up Your Game" anthem continued to rollout on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The launch is also supported by OOH billboards in key markets, featuring the NBA's biggest stars and personalized "You have to get the culture to get the game," messaging.



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