Crazy Isn’t Humble
adidas Originals

Season II ︎ 2018

Crazy is the bold and unconventional silhouette that saw basketball players reinvent the game.

The basketball shoe kicked off the court for being too bold in the 90s returns with a new design for today. This year, we're not only reintroducing this audacious icon, we're staging a hostile takeover with it.

Inspired by the unapologetic boldness of the shoe itself, our campaign addresses the notion of humility. Humility will get you nowhere. It tells you to stand still. To stop creating. To accept the way things are and be happy about it.

Being humble is being content, and not pushing creativity forward.

In this campaign, we celebrate what happens when people who refuse to be humble come together. We relaunch the franchise with the “Crazy isn’t humble” campaign, featuring modern creators, to establish its bold, unapologetic attitude.