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It’s ironic that in New York the city with the highest index of food waste in the world60.144 homeless people struggle to eat every day.

Foodxury is a project that illustrates this problem. A jewelry collection that exposes what food means to an alarming number of people.


/How it works?

Each piece of jewelry represents a meal that a regular person has on a daily basis.

In the first stage of the project I provided the homeless with a cardboard stand containing jewelry pieces to be traded for each real meal.

Now I donate whole collections to Foundations like “Fundacion Leando Olmos” for them to exchange the pieces for donations or auction them in events to raise funds.


It seems to have attracted some
media attention... More than a 3M
impressions in 3 days, ha!

NowThis News                                                                                                                   PlayGround


I was interviewed For RTL News Germany by Journalist Meike Gehring. (Broadcasted on National TV on August 2nd 2016)

A lovely video
made by Chinesse
Press (I honestly
don’t have a clue
of what it says)

/Printed Pres

Note on Viva Magazine, Diario Clarín (Bigest Argentina’s Newspaper)

 Diario El Día
Note on Diario El Día

Viva Magazine
Note on Viva Magazine,
Diario Clarín (Bigest
Argentina’s Newspaper)

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